Warmest woofs

from Barkley and Waggins



aka Rita

Living up to her namesake, say hello to Rita, the loud one of Barkley and Waggins. Rita is an English Cocker Spaniel who, despite her small stature, has one of the loudest barks in Dogdom. Whether it's at 6am every morning to alert everyone in the house that it's time to get up or if there's visitors at the door, "Barkley" can shout the place down with the song of her people. She is also a notorious cuddle monster and loves nothing more than getting hugs and kisses from everyone she meets on her walks.

"Barkley" loves long walks in the forests and on the beach which makes her the perfect candidate to test drive all of our collars, leads and coats.



aka Evie

In June 2018, "Barkley" welcomed into her home little Evie. With not the best starts in life, Evie had found herself at Almost Home Rescue Centre at only 4 weeks old after a really difficult time. She had an accident as a new born puppy and lost part of her back paw, some of her ear and her tail was bitten off too. Despite this horrendous start to life she was hand reared by Almost Home until she was 9 weeks old and then she was welcomed into her new forever home by "Barkley". Little Evie very quickly bonded with her new big sister and they have now become best friends for life. She earned her nickname "Waggins" because of her damaged tail and the funny noises it makes when it thumps off the furniture and the floor.

One of Evie's favourite things to do is sleep and boy can she sleep for hours. Often found in her hoomans bed during the afternoon dreaming of runs and food, she is the perfect little lady to try out our beds and teepees and to give you the lowdown on the best for snoozes.


The "Hooman"


With over 25 years plus experience in Retail Store Design and Retail Management, the "hooman" behind Barkley and Waggins was getting frustrated of trying to find those extra special and unique pieces for his two Cocker Spaniels, Rita and Evie. It was during one of those occasions last year that he thought enough was enough and that there was a need for a brand that was solely dedicated to dogs. A brand that valued design, style and functionality, a brand that truly believed in supporting small businesses and creativity and a brand who loved dogs just as much as him.....Barkley and Waggins was born. 

Over the following months Norman researched, sourced and discovered some absolutely wonderful designers from across the world. No stone was left unturned and he will always keep searching. From Los Angeles, Melbourne, Spain, UK, Ukraine right down to his own door step in County Down, Northern Ireland, Norman tirelessly worked for a year and pulled all of his favourite designers together to form a carefully curated collection that supported his vision- "to search the world for beautiful and unique designs and bring them to my customers who love dogs just as much as me".