Barkley and Waggins Lavender & Poppy Seed Luxury Soap


A naturally calming luxury soap that promtes hair growth. Ideal for those doggos with dandruff and is also good for wounds and infections.

Barkley and Waggins Lavender & Poppy Seed Luxury Soap

  • 1.Hide all evidence of upcoming bath, do not mention the word bath

    2.Catch dog, use bribery

    3.Lead dog to bath with treats, secure all escape routes

    4.Thoroughly wet dog, warm water is better

    5.Rub soap all over, lather well and massage it in avoiding the eye area

    6.Rinse thoroughly until water runs clear

    7.Use hairdryer (good luck) or fluffy towels to dry

    8. Kiss dog (a lot)

  •  Lavender & Poppy Seed

    Naturally calming, great for dogs who don’t like baths

    Great for dandruff and minor skin complaints, wounds & infections

    Improves blood circulation to hair follicles thus promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss


Belfast, Northern Ireland

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