SLIEVE BINNIAN - New Orange & Black Rope CollarMade by hand on the Island of Ireland, using new and up-cycled climbing rope. This makes the Binnian extremely sturdy and durable with the added bonus of vibrant colours! Our HH designer uses top quality and strong parts to match the climbing rope's fortitude!​This collar is named after a stunning walk that the designer has enjoyed with their pups! There is also the Binnian Hemp Lead to match up. If you haven't heard of Slieve Binnian then check it out, grab your lead & collar and go on an adventure with your pup! We recommend buying a collar that has at least a 2cm space bigger than your dog's neck size.  All HikerHounds apparel is made using heavy duty products to ensure durability. We do remind customers however that it is their responsibility to decide if the product is suitable for their dog. We would always recommend walking STRONG, NERVOUS, OR PULLING DOGS ON A HARNESS for their safety and comfort. We accept no liability for incorrect use or fault of fixtures used on our leads and collars. SIZES: (approximate measurements due to handmade(-S- 29cm-40cm, 2.5cm wide, suggested for Dachshund, Schnauzer, Yorkie, Shihtzu, JRT. -M- 36cm-52cm, 2.5cm wide, suggested for small Collie, Spaniel, Beagle. -L- 42cm-64cm, 2.5cm wide, suggested for Labrador, Great Dane, German Shepherd, Rhodesian Ridgeback

Binnian collar