Modern dog raised bed designed and made by Pets and Pods Studio. “Biscuit” is a new product designed by Pets and Pods Studio for well behaved medium sized dogs. Conceived as an antidote to traditional mass produced pet furniture it combines solid and functional design, use of innovative materials, modern engineering and traditional craftsmanship.


It is guaranteed to make a bold statement in any interior and most importantly provide an ultimate comfort for your pet.


Materials: PET felt made from recycled plastic bottles (60%), waxed FSC poplar plywood, pine legs, polyester or acrylic cushion with cotton shell. Cushion cover is detachable and can be washed separately.


Dimensions: (approximately): 66x32cm, cushion-60cm. (Legs H.13.5cm)

Weight: 3.1kg.

Shipped flat pack with easy intuitive assembly.


Always in biodegradable packaging.


Please note that “Biscuit" is designed to be used by domestic pets only. Avoid sitting or standing on them and keep well away from sources of fire. For interior use only. 

"Biscuit" bed

Colour Cushion
Felt Belt
  • Care and Maintenance

    Synthetic felt can be vacuumed or cleaned with sticky paper roller or slightly damp sponge. Use little soap if necessary but try to avoid strong smelling chemicals. In customers experience it is sufficient to apply running water to spot clean area in question. Use sponge gently and avoid excessive rubbing. After cleaning dry out on open air.

    Plywood base is waxed and therefore water repellent. Clean it with slightly damp cloth and make sure surfaces are completely dry before placing cushion back.

    Cushion has its own care label, please follow the guidelines. 

    If in doubt about any of these do not hesitate getting in touch with us!