CHILLI  Hemp Dog Lead  Hemp is awesome - As a naturally occurring fibre, hemp has long been the primary material for ships’ rigging and other marine uses, and as hemp rope floats you can see why sailors used it *sings* In the Navy. Hemp rope has been used the world over for centuries due to its superior strength and resistance to rotting, Hemp is 100% organic and 100% vegan, 100% awesome. The designer's father was banging on about Hemp rope for ages, clearly he developed a deep and profund relationship with it whilst a crewmember in her Majesty’s Naval Service and he showed his daughter how to splice the rope to make it even stronger and with lots more fancy knots Canvas Handles Water resistant canvas! The creator went and fashioned handles from her canvas range and securely attached them to the hemp lead. Here at Barkley and Waggins we are in love with them - as any dog owner knows, co-ordiantion is key!  Handmade This product is made by an amazing talented local County Down girl and she injects care, passion and a little bit of herself into every item and she hopes that her apparel lasts for all of your adventures and explorations with your best friend, whilst looking damn good doing it

Chilli Hemp Lead