Denim Battle Harness


Dog walks just got a whole lot cooler!


Stylish and strong, this denim dog harness is here to help you fly out the door looking super cool in under 30 seconds!


Don't be fooled, this Battle Harness is as tough as it is stylish ! Perfect for everyday wear, a statement piece on its own or layered over one of our hoodies and tees.


-Fast & easy to put on and take off


-Eliminates strain on dogs neck and back during walks


-Heavy duty metal/plastic buckles durable even in wet conditions


-Strong high quality nylon webbing built to last


-Breathable mesh lining


-Fits dogs of all shapes and sizes and can be easily adjusted


-Built to last


-Machine washable


Designed to get better with age, just like your jeans

Denim Dog Harness

  • XS- Chest  38,1cm-50.8cm        Target Weight 3kg-6.5kg

    S- Chest    47.7cm-55.9cm          Target Weight 6kg-15kg

    M- Chest   48.3cm-63.5cm         Target Weight 14kg-22kg

    L= Chest   58.4cm-76,2cm          Target Weight 20kg-32kg

    XL- Chest  71.1cm-122cm            Target Weight 30kg-45kg


    When choosing the size of your dog's harness allow room to adjust for layering over clothing or weight gain. If your dog is at maximum fit for a size we suggest you size up to allow for more adjustments.