Unique Japanese cotton seersuckerin bright red with tiny crosses


This banadan is square cut- just fold the square in twoand tie the bandana round your dog's neck. Roll the long side if neccessary. 


Available Sizes-


XS-33x33cm square, 46cm folded-fits 20-26cm neck sizes

Small-40x40cm square, 56cm folded-fits 27-35cm neck sizes

Medium-45x45cm square, 63cm folded-fits 36-41cm neck sizes

Large- 55x55cm square, 77cm folded- fits 42-55cm neck sizes


Please measure your dog's neck before placing your order to ensure you get the correct size, if your dog is fluffy or you are somewhere in between sizes the choose the larger of them. Always consider 20cm of the length around the neck for tying the knot (example if your dog's neck meausres 38cm the you will need a diagonal of at least 58cm so a medium size will fit. 


Due to the handmade nature of this product slight variances in pattern placement and size may occur. 


How to wear- You can roll the long side of the bandana before tying the know in order to fix it better on your dog's neck, depending how fluffy they are. 


We always consider that our dog's health and safety is paramount and should be every owners priority

  • Don't let your dog use the bandana as a toy
  • Never use the bandana as a dog collar and do not attach items like tags or leads to it
  • Please take off during playsessions or when your dog is left unattended.

Holly Dog bandana