The Long-Ear Ceramic Dog Bowl is perfectly designed to keep those beautiful long ears clean, dry and snack free. It is easy to clean, toxin free, a healthier alternative to plastic bowls as well as beautiful handcrafted additions to any home. Handcrafted in South Africa by Edson Mahlangu. Edson is a Zimbabwean ceramicist who works as a part-time assistant at a pottery school. These beautiful bowls are made with love and passion. Due to their handmade nature there may be paint/glaze defects as well as size and colour variations. They are available in grey, white and also "Galaxy Paint Splatter"Approximately 13cm wide at the top, 19cm wide at the bottom and 11 cm high.Dishwasher safe but we do recommend hand washing

Long Eared Ceramic Dog Bowl

  • Dishwasher safe but we do recommend hand washing.