A focus on our PUPPY LOVE soap specially formulated to be mild and gentle for puppies ❤️❤️❤️ woof woof🐶

Puppies shouldn’t need too many baths however it’s a good idea to get them used to it in the early weeks when settling into your home. Leave it too long and they may fear bath times, or just be downright stubborn & make things very difficult getting them anywhere close to a bath!

PUPPY LOVE (cos let’s face it, who doesn’t love puppies?) soap is soft, mild and gentle, with just a hint of lavender and rosemary pure essential oils at a safe level for their delicate skin. The lavender is naturally calming, perfect for any nervous pups.

✅ mild, soft and gentle, pH balanced
✅ naturally calming, perfect to introduce bath time to your pups
✅ antibacterial, removes bacteria from surface of skin, antimicrobial
✅ naturally repels fleas, ticks, mosquitos and other bugs

Superb value at £5.50. 100% natural, suitable for all skin types, helps make coats glossy, no nasty chemicals

Puppy Love Shampoo Bar

  • 1.Hide all evidence of upcoming bath, do not mention the word bath

    2.Catch dog, use bribery

    3.Lead dog to bath with treats, secure all escape routes

    4.Thoroughly wet dog, warm water is better

    5.Rub soap all over, lather well and massage it in avoiding the eye area

    6.Rinse thoroughly until water runs clear

    7.Use hairdryer (good luck) or fluffy towels to dry

    8. Kiss dog (a lot)