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With a nod to America and "Wonder Woman" this beautiful blue and white Stars print vintage bow tie

is a stunning addition to our Limited Collections range. Brighten up your doggo's day with this fun and smile inducing bow tie that will get you stopped on the street and "Insta" worthy 



100% cotton with white elastic loops on back. Simply just place your dog's collar through the loops. Twist once or twice for a tighter fitting. 
Material: 100% cotton

Color: Navy blue

Please note this bow tie is not designed for muddy walks or rainy days. 

Always supervise your dog when wearing bow ties. 


 Size : Small- ideal for smaller breeds up to medium sized- Jack Russels, Small Terriers, Pugs, King Charles Spaniels.
- 5x8 cm. (1.9x3.1")

Size : Large- Large Spaniels, Labradors, Boxers, German Shepherds.
- 6x11 cm. (2.3x4.3")

The "Stars" bow tie

  • 100% cotton. Handwash gently and leave flat to dry naturally.