Who's hungry

Eat in style at Barkley and Waggins

Here at Barkley and Waggins we are passionate about finding and supporting designers who create simple yet beautiful and functional designs. We are in love with these bowls from Interior Designer Carly Biermann who designs and makes these dog food and water bowls from her studio in London. Handmade with a removable stainless steel bowl for ease of cleaning, they also have a layer of cork on the bottom to help the bowl to not slide about and protect your floors. 

We are also very proud to bring to you these Benji and Moon dog bowls all the way from South Africa. Handcrafted with love and passion, the Long Eared dog bowl is perfect for the doggo who wants to keep their ears out off their food. For the flatter nosed variety we also have the Original Bowl and the Galaxy Splatter bowl, beautiful additions to any modern home all while being perfectly functional in ensuring that your dog dines in style.

These exquisite dog bowls will fit into any modern home and are sure to be loved as much by you as by your doggos.

Hygrangea Petunia Sweatpea.JPG.jpg