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Heather House Appeal

The wonderful Heather House is going to get bigger and brighter....but they need our help. Over 100 elderly dogs have been through Heather House who were all loved and cherished by 40+ volunteers but huge plans are now in place for a big rebuild in March 2021 which will cost over £25,000. In the current lockdown, fundraising has been nigh on impossible for Almost Home NI however their bills and their work never cease. Find out more below about the Heather House rebuild and what you can do to support.

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From the volunteers of Almost Home NI
"Here we are once again, the start of another new week, new adventures, in rescue we just never know what a day will bring.
We have so many plans to give our animals the very very best.
I’m sure you’ve all heard about our wonderful Heather House a place we all love, a place of safety, of love, of warmth, of belonging for our older dogs who need us. A place of laughter, happiness and very often tears.
Let’s go back to where it all began
2014 we started fund raising, our dream to care for those older dogs that ended up needing rescue space, a home from home, they could leave their past behind and look forward to new beginnings.
One of our trustees Heather Law took over fundraising, events arranged and we began to raise our funds.
Sadly Heather died in May 2015, the one thing that kept us going was knowing that we could make our dreams and vision become a reality.
We began our building work and shortly after the 1st anniversary of Heather’s passing we opened our doors and welcomed our very first family members.
Our journey had begun.
I know heather would be proud of us, that a little part of her lives on.
We started off with 3 beautiful souls, today we are a home for 18 elderly dogs.
Everyone loved by a team of 40+ volunteers who give them so much.
Today and everyday we give thanks that we get to be a part of their lives.
They are so precious, so loved.
We have so many plans, a lot to share.
Our little house has seen over 100 of those most in need pass through. All loved, all cherished and always remembered.
It’s time for us to move, a bigger brighter heather house.
In order for our plans to become reality we are in need of your help.
We need to raise a massive £25,000
way above what seems possible, but we have already seen what happens when we all believe enough and dreams become reality.
We have seen the difference that everyone of you who supports, follows, donates and shares the stories can and have made.
Together we can offer these oldies a safe space, giving them beyond all they could ever wish for.
We are so excited to share their stories and the progress of our new heather house.

Team golden oldies"

If you would like to support the Heather House Big Rebuild then use the link below and together we can help them reach their goal. 

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Almost Home NI

Barkely and Waggins are extremely honoured to be the charity partner of Almost Home NI based in Moira, Northern Ireland. A wonderful local animal rescue centre who have rescued and rehomed 100's and 100's of dogs, cats, hens, reptiles, pigs and other four legged friends who found themselves, through no fault of their own, at the doorstep of Almost Home who took them in, cared for them and then ready them for their new "Forever home". Watch this space for any upcoming events and fundraisers for Almost Home and information on how you can support.

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Looking to rehome a rescue?

Here you will find some of the current residents of Almost Home NI who are looking their new home. Are you looking to rehome a wonderful rescue ? Have you the time, patience, space and love for a wonderful dog who will return all of your hard work with love, cuddles and by your side. Click on link below to find out more

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Heather House

Did you know that Almost Home have a little building on site called Heather House.

Some dogs get it easier than others. They may arrive in rescue as puppies and get rehomed after a few weeks.

Others look on and wait. They hope for the day that their new family will come to collect them.

Sadly for some, that day never comes.

For the elderly, unwanted dogs, Almost Home provide a permanent living space in their retirement home, Heather House. The residents are available to sponsor and the funds raised from sponsorship enables Almost Home to cover the costs of food, bedding, veterinary care and maintenance of Heather House.

 From as little as £5 per month you can sign up to sponsor an oldie. You will receive several updates on your sponsor dog a year and the opportunity to visit at meet and greet days

Follow link if you would like to sponsor a Heather House resident or to find out more

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