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Being Sustainable

at Barkley and Waggins

Our packaging

Here at Barkley and Waggins we look for opportunities on being planet friendly and sustainable in everything we do. That's why when we chose our packaging that we ensured everything can be recycled once you have received your fab delivery. Our cardboard is 100% recyclable so you can place into your appropriate recycling containers and the outer plastic on our packaging is 100% compostable too, they can be buried in your garden or placed into your compostable bin....small actions like these can make a big impact in the future.

We will constantly review our delivery processes both from our suppliers and to you and will always look to finding better ways of being planet friendly.  

Going paperless

When you purchase with Barkley and Waggins we will email your invoice to you as opposed to printing and placing with your order. This way we can remain paper free and keep your house paper free as well. Digital documentation is a great way of helping our environment and reduces the need for paper in today's world.

Our Designers and manufacturers

Here at Barkley and Waggins we love working with our wonderful brands and designers as they too are incredibly conscientious about their environment. A lot of our brand partners use handmade products which ensures there's no "mass production" or needless surplus stocks but rather a unique and small operation that ensures no wastage can happen. If they cannot handcraft any of their items then they ensure the supply they use is ethically sourced and sustainably used. 

 One of our design partners uses recycled climbing rope to make their beautiful leads and collars, what a great way to be creative while doing their bit for sustainability.

Being people and planet friendly is something we at Barkley and Waggins are always working towards and we are proud to have all of our brand partners onboard.

Being Sustainable: List
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